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Articles > Cedar Shingles Wall Siding

There are many products you can install on your walls for your house siding, but if you want a beautiful natural look, you must go with eastern white cedar shingles.  Installing cedar shingles as siding is 100% environmentally friendly because our cedar shingles are entirely made from Eastern White Cedar.  No steel, no plastic or other products that cause lots of air emissions are used by Waska to manufacture their products.  They have an ecological mind.  Also, all of their residues are used to make by-products, so they don’t have any waste. 

Installing cedar shingles as wall siding is easy if you follow Waska's installation guide. Every step are explained so you can do a good job that will last.  Your building will look amazing.  Cedar shingles are good insulation material as well, so you will save on your energy bills.  You will certainly not regret having wood wall siding made with cedar shingles.

All our eastern white cedar shingle products are made from uniform cedar shingles meaning that all shingles are the same width making any job stand out from the rest. Cedar wood siding is environmentally friendly and manufactured with a conscience.

Waska is a cedar shingles and cedar products specialist.  They have been working in this field for many years and they have acquired experience and expertise.  They manufacture all their cedar products themselves, cedar shingles for roofing or siding, laths, snow fences and sand fences.

Renovating? Why not buy cedar shingle siding for your home?

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