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Our Products > White Cedar Shingles

Waska shingle products: Right for you

Waska offers all grades of Cedar shingles for your building needs.

RRsmall Cedar shingles edges are squared to eliminate on-site shaving for time-saving installation. They are also rebutted to ensure a perfect finish for exceptional natural beauty and quality.

See your Waska authorized dealer for our latest shingle products.
At Waska, workmanship is our best product.

Resquared & Rebutted
Resquared & Rebutted
Cedar Shingle

Cedar shingles

Grades of quality White Cedar shingles made by Waska include:

  • Extra Grade A (Blue Label): no imperfections.
  • Clear Grade B (Red Label): no imperfections up to its clear line.
  • Second Clear Grade C (Black Label): sound knots on exposed sides.
  • Clear White (Brown Label): sapwood shingles, no imperfections up to its clear line.
  • Utility Grade D (Green Label): multipurpose .

Resquared and Rebutted

R&R Shingles:

Resquared and Rebutted, squared cedar shingles, perfect finish; grading of remanufactured shingles to grading rules of regular shingles to each corresponding category.

Have you considered buying cedar shingles for your roof or your siding?

Waska Clair Industrial Dev. Corp Ltd

Note: This guide is as accurate as possible.
However, Waska takes no responsibility for any damage or
prejudice resulting from the use of any information it contains.

Maritime lumber bureau

Operating in two shifts year-round, Waska produces some 70,000 squares of white cedar shingles every year. These are sold in the United States, especially in the New England states, Mid-Western states and on the West Coast, as well as in Ontario, Quebec, and the Atlantic Provinces.

As for quality control, Waska is a member of the MLB (Maritime Lumber Bureau) which provides independent inspections, insuring the product follows industry criteria.  Waska also manufactures and grades its shingles in accordance with the CSA (0118.2-08).