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Our Products > White Cedar Shingles > Factory Coated Shingles

Waska's Pre-finished Colours

Waska Factory Coated, Weathering StainTM/Bleached & Semi-transparent Stain

Waska Cedar Shingles and Olympic Paint and Stains; together to offer you these beautiful new products.
OurRRsmallshingles are resquared and rebutted. Their edges are squared to eliminate on-site shaving for timesaving installation. Our shingles are then rebutted to ensure a perfect finish for exceptional beauty and quality. To further enhance the appearance of your Waska cedar shingles, we now offer (3) coating options.
Waska's weathering stained shingles have been specifically formulated to give our shingles a uniform, naturally weathered, silver-grey finish more rapidly and uniformly than nature.
With our MachinecoatTM factory coated shingles, we offer five traditional colours, which are Monterey Gray, Linen White, Safari Beige, Cape Cod Gray and Patriot Gray. An array of many popular colours is also available on special orders.
Waska also offers to apply a coat of semi-transparent stain. This will give your shingle a rich finish allowing much of the wood's grain and texture to show through.

What is factory finishing?


Factory finishing is an engineering coating process taking place in a controlled environment. This closed environment provides the optimum conditions for coating cedar shingles. These shingles must be brought to a proper climatic balance and moisture content before they are coated. Our people at Waska check all cedar shingles for moisture content before the coating is applied, thus ensuring their quality and performance for years to come. And since the elements are not a factor in the factory, we can eliminate weather delays on the job site.

Weathering StainTM/bleached shingles.

Olympic's Weathering Stain™ has been specifically formulated to provide our shingles with a uniform, naturally weathered, silver-grey finish more rapidly and evenly than nature. It contains a special weathering agent to accelerate the natural weathering process, providing an attractive, low maintenance finish. Upon application, this product imparts a soft grey tone to the white cedar shingles. Also, the weathering stain linseed oil formula penetrates deep into the wood to strengthen wood fibres.

  • Accelerates the natural weathering process to provide a silver driftwood-grey look in six to nine months.
  • Linseed oil formula penetrates deep to strengthen and condition wood fibres.
  • Helps prevent unsightly mildew growth on the stain film.

Semi-transparent Stain

This is an excellent option for anyone desiring to enhance the beautiful look of cedar shingles with your choice of various colors. This will allow the coating to protect and maintain the shingle while higlighting the wood's grain and texture. When you decide to have one (1) coat of Olympic semi-transparent stain, we back it up with a 3 year warranty.

MachinecoatTM …a quality product with a beautiful finish and a limitless color palette!cercle

The MachinecoatTM Exterior finish is a water based 100% acrylic latex coating formulated specifically for machine application to real natural wood fibre. MachinecoatTM offers the application and performance characteristics of a premium latex paint combined with the beauty and protection of an oil-based stain.

Waska will also offer you a 10-year warranty against any peeling, cracking and flaking on one (1) coat of Olympic paint and a 25-year warranty when we apply two (2) coats.

MachinecoatTM's unique formula resists marks and scratches so it stands up to handling in transit and during installation. With MachinecoatTM, there's no need for costly call-backs to cover shrink lines, lap marks, scratches or overspray.

Because MachinecoatTM is machine applied before installation, there's minimal danger of premature coating failure due to damage of exposed surfaces prior to coating. This revolutionary exterior finish offers a range of benefits and your building has immediate curb appeal.

The many benefits of Waska's prefinished cedar shingles:

  • A quality product produced and coated in our own factory;
  • Adds immediate protection and distinction to your project;
  • Far superior to usual "blow and go" spray paint jobs;
  • Coatings backed by Olympic, a leader in architectural finishes;
  • Reduces regular maintenance;
  • The most cost-effective way to coat all four sides of your Waska cedar shingles.

Accurate mil thickness of coating is factory applied to the eastern white cedar shingles in our own factory. Great care is then taken to see that the coating is properly cured and dried. All coated shingles are then packaged, fully protected and, once installed, are ready to perform for a very long time.


As construction costs continue to skyrocket, our factory can provide a beautiful way to save money. First, weather delays are virtually eliminated since factory applications continue year-round in a controlled environment. Second, job site clutter and waste is eliminated. No painting scaffolds. No expensive clean-up. And finally, the sudden showing of bare areas due to wood shrinkage is prevented.

The right products, superior application. The result is the highest quality finish - one that saves you time, money and provides four sided protection.

Waska has everything you need for your wood siding and roofing.

See project photos.