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Articles > Wood Wall Siding

Wood brings a charm to everything it’s associated with.  Having a building or a house covered in wood wall siding adds value to it. Wood siding can make it rustic, sophisticated or rich looking.  It all depends on which grade, style, finish and color you choose.  And there is a lot to choose from at Waska.  Since they manufacture all of their wood products (cedar patio squares, cedar shingles, snow fences and sand fences and laths), they make sure at every steps that their products are of the highest grade.  They choose to work with wood products to respect the environment. They use 100% of the residues from their operations to create by-products.  Wood is biodegradable, is a renewable resource and makes less air emissions than producing steel, aluminum or plastic.  Using wood wall siding reduces the use of energy to keep a building warm in winter and cool in summer because wood is a great natural insulation material.  So we can say that cedar shingles are the best products to use to cover a house, from the roof to the walls.   

Waska has a wide variety of white cedar shingles to choose from. They have the Victorian Series, the Pre-Finished shingles and the natural shingles.  Within those series, you have an array of choices for the grade, the finish, the color and the style.  Your wood wall siding will be perfect and even better than your expectations.

Renovating? Why not buy cedar shingle siding for your home?

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