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Articles > Eastern White Cedar Shingles

Cedar shingles are made from split logs harvested from Eastern White Cedars. They are used for wood wall siding and wood roofing.  The benefits of using white cedar shingles are that they are made of 100% wood.  It means that they come from a renewable resource.  Trees can be planted, harvested and planted again.  Wood is also biodegradable.  Since cedar shingles are made from wood, the air emissions to produce them are low. Also, using cedar shingles as white cedar roofing or white cedar siding can save high amounts of energy. They have the highest insulation value of any wood substitutes.  At the end, using cedar shingles consume less energy for the manufacturer and help to conserve energy for the user. 

Waska is a major eastern white cedar shingle manufacturer since 1969. They know what they are talking about! They produce about 70,000 squares of white cedar shingles every year. Their clients come from the United States, Ontario, Quebec and Maritime provinces.  A lot of people benefits from those products.  Waska offers all grades of cedar shingles to meet the different needs of their customers.   They can choose from the Victorian Series, Pre-Finished Cedar Shingles and Natural Cedar Shingles.  We offer uniform cedar shingles so your cedar roofing or white cedar siding will stand out from the rest.

Waska also manufactures a lot of products like cedar patio squares, snow fences and sand fences and laths to embellish your house or for other uses.

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